The College offers the following scholarships proposed by the Directorate of Collegiate Education. The details can be had from the office/ website (details mentioned below).

  • Suvarna Jubilee Scholarship
  • State Merit Scholarship
  • District Merit Scholarship
  • Music / Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Muslim Girls Scholarship
  • Stipend for Muslim Girls Residing in Hostels
  • Muslim Nadar Scholarship
  • Sanskrit Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Blind & Physically Challenged Students
  • I. A. S. Coaching Scheme Scholarship

Central Government schemes

  • Post Metric Scholarship
  • Central Sector Scholarship

Scholarship Wing of the Directorate of Collegiate Education

Fee concession

Students belonging to SC/ST and other eligible communities are exempted from payment of fees. They are entitled to receive lump sum grant for the purchase of books and a monthly stipend. For this they have to submit income and Community Certificates from the concerned authorities.

Fee concession to forward community & other backward community students.

Students are eligible for fee concession under Kumara Pillai Commission Report in case the income of their parents does not exceed Rs. 25000/ for degree course and Rs. 42000/- for P.G. course

Scholarship for Physically Handicapped

The amount is Rs. 125/- for the degree course provided the scholar obtained 40% marks for the qualifying examination.