Vision & Mission

A convergence of nature lovers, the Nature Club aims to enhance the sustainable environmental activities which creates a better world.
To live in a healthy environment is a basic human right, and so emphasis is placed to educate and motivate students so that they develop an empathetic concern and widen their perspective regarding the environment they are part of.
The mission is to make the society aware of the need for the protection, conservation, preservation and restoration of Nature and there by empowering and educating students with regards to the importance of Nature. By learning to embrace and accept the Nature around us the students become capable to develop an insight regarding the world they inhabit. It also helps to accept the fact that  we need to adapt to the Nature we live in so that life blooms in all its variant colours.

Coordinators / Officers

Dr. Zameer K. H.


  • Creating better awareness among students to make them realise the need to protect and cherish our environment.
  • Distribution and planting of tree seedlings.
  • Organic farming.
  • Conducted green audit of the campus.
  • Organised field trip activities.
  • Arranged awareness programmes on conserving the Environment.
  • A Nature Art Corner where the members can contribute creatively for a nature friendly world.
  • Classes for students to make paper bags, pens and pen holders.
  • Photo Exhibition.
  • Short Film Exhibition.
  • Nature related survey.
  • Waste paper collection sale.
  • Quiz programmes.
  • Painting Competitions.

Services offered to public

  • Awareness programmes related to reduce pollution due to the overuse of plastic.
  • Campaigns for the need to recycle plastic.
  • Campaigns related to assure the general public to promote the use of paper bags.
  • Classes to make paper bags, pens and pen holders.
  • Awareness regarding rain water harvesting.
  • Offers basic skills which help them in gardening and planting.
  • Distribution of seeds and fruit plants.
  • Campaigns meant to create awareness on health hazards related to E-waste and the need for proper disposal of E-waste.
  • Introduction of medicinal plants.
  • Introduction to Solar energy and its merits.

Nature Club Inauguration

Nature Club Inauguration
Nature Club Inauguration
Nature Club Inauguration
Nature Club Inauguration