Started in the year 1972 as part of Department of Mathematics, Statistics became an independent department in 1981. The Department offers B.Sc degree in Statistics. The former faculty includes Prof. R. Raveendran Nair (First H O D), (Late) Prof. N. Dhamodharan nair, Prof. A. Venkideswaran, Prof. Tess Mathew and Prof. B. Unnikrishnan Nair. The department has been very active in teaching, research, training etc.

The present faculty includes Dr. Shy Mary M. (HOD), Dr. Remya Sivadas, Mrs. Fathima K. For the empowerment of the faculty the faculty members actively involved in research, participate in seminars, conferences, workshops and orientation programs. The faculty members have been very active from the inception of the course. The Department has a tutorial pattern where the tutors give necessary advice to their wards. We also ensure our sincere effort to offer the best in terms of academic programmes, with the upgraded laboratory facilities time to time. We are proud to mention that many of our students could secure lucrative jobs and have attained remarkable positions in various realms of the society. The Department has an active Alumni Association.


Sl.No Name of Student Year Rank
1 Sobhana Kumari 1984 FIRST
2 Usha Kumari 1985 FIRST
3 Kumari S. Maya Mony 1986 FIRST
4 Hema .T 1987 FIRST
5 C.Satheesh Kumar 1988 FIRST
6 Manju.P 1990 FIRST
7 Usha K 1991 FIRST
8 Sreeja 1997 FIRST
9 Jeena Thankappan 2002 FIRST
10 Santhya Sekhar 2003 FIRST
11 Parwathy Thankachi 2011 FIRST
12 Manjusha Murali 2012 FIRST
13 Remya Nath 2013 FIRST
14 Sreelekshmi V 2017 FIRST


Name: Dr. Shy Mary, M
Designation: Head of the Department
Area of Specialization: Record Values, Estimation

Age: 37 years
Official Address: Assistant Professor and HOD, Department of Statistics, MSM College , Kayamkulam
Permanent Address: Dhevasam house, Kadakom P.O., Chirayinkeezhu, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 304
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Additional Responsibilities: Tutor S3 &S4, RT, Value added Course
Professional Experience: 7 years
Research Experience: 4 years

Name: Dr.Remya Sivadas
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Distribution Theory

Age:  37 years
Official Address: Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, MSM College, Kayamkulam
Permanent Address: Narakompoikayil, Erathuvadakara P.O, Manimala, Kottayam- 686543
Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Professional Experience: 2 years
Research Experience: 3 years

Name: Mrs. Fathima. K
Designation: Assistant Professor

Age: 35 years
Official Address: Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, MSM College, Kayamkulam
Permanent Address: Thanath Puthuvelil, Veruvally Bhagom, Kayamkulam, Alappuzha-690502
Qualification: M.Sc, NET
Administrative Responsibilities: Internal mentor in WWS (Walk with Scholar)
Professional Experience: 1 years