The college library is one of the proud assets of MSM College. Automation and IT enable services have been successfully installed in the library. The resources and service provided are one step ahead among other colleges under Kerala University. The library provides OPAC (On the Public Access Catalogue) for speedy retrivel of books. The searching of documents through computer is possible by a user even if the documents are present in the department library. Issue and return of books are done both by manual and through computer at the same time. The MSM College management goes ahead with a vision for providing the full fledged automated library services to all by the launching of the portal.

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The college library has three sections.

  • General section
  • Reference section
  • Department section

The general and reference sections are under the direct control the librarian. The departmental libraries are under the control of the concerned Heads of Depts. All Post Graduate depts. have department libraries and their statistics will be verified by the librarian at the end of each academic year.

The concept of library should be changed in accordance with the tune of users. We have been looking forward to change and extent the services to the users. Our management goes ahead with a vision for providing library services to all through the launching of our virtual library within a short span of time.

Information Sources available in the Library

Total number of books in the library 35639.

24196 books are in the general section. These books are circulated.

  • Reference book: 3400 books includes Encyclopaedias, who is who, Horthis Malabaricus, Dictionaries,Yearbooks, Atlas etc.
  • Periodicals: popular periodicals and journals (nearly 24) are subscribed in the library and kept in the reading room. Certain journals are shifted to the department libraries for the use of PG students.
  • Newspapers: 11 dailies, 3 English and 8 Malayalam papers.
  • Question papers: Bounded volumes of previous question papers are kept for reference.
  • Other Collections: Bounded volumes of Career Books, PSC Bulletins, CSR, Thozhil Vaartha, Thozhil Veedhi etc are available.

Library Rules

  1. The Library remains open from 9.00 am to 4 pm.
  2. Only the staff and students of the college are members of the library.
  3. All members can borrow books on all working days between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm.
  4. The reference books and periodicals will not be issued for use outside the library.
  5. Only one book shall be issued at a time.
  6. On receiving the book, damage if any should be reported to the library staff. If they fail to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage detected afterwards.
  7. Sub-Lending of books is not allowed.
  8. The books should be returned within 15 days failing which a penalty @ 1 per day will be imposed.
  9. Students are expected to make the maximum use of the Library.
  10. Strict silence should be maintained inside library.
  11. Students coming to the library should produce their identity cards to the library staff.
  12. The uses of Sweets, Chewing gums, Intoxicants etc are banned in the library.