Vision & Mission

VISION: To enable all students of the department to become good human beings productive
and socially responsible citizens to acquire the required competencies in the subject and values so as to achieve excellence.

MISSION: Through the knowledge of Economics empower the youth to assert their identity and self-respect and to enable them to attain social and economic opportunities.

Programmes offered

UG level certificate courses in Stitching, Embroidery, Fabric Painting, Beauty care etc.


Name: Sathish Soman
Designation: HOD & Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Micro Economics

Name: Nizia Ameer
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Macro Economics

Name: Deepthi Gopinath
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: MicroEconomics, International Economics


Focus on Social Welfare and Community Interaction Programmes,
Shalabham – a programme motivating Women Empowerment and Self-reliance,
Socio-Economic Surveys to understand the Economic problems affecting Society.

Services offered to public

1.Socio Economic Survey
Educational reform in vanjeeyodu kani settlement The department of economics believes in supporting socio economic upliftment of under privileged and backward classes especially tribals, hence to the effect the department has decided to conduct a socio economic survey on the tribals of vanjeeyodu kani settlement ,these tribals belongs to ward 5 of chithara panchayat coming under Kottarakara taluk in Kollam district.

2.The department of Economics in conjuction with Govt Children’s Home Kollam arranged an interaction between our students and inmates of the home .The department carried out an ice break session with these students and distributed note books and stationary to the pupils at the Juvenile home and continues its extended support.

Extracurricular platforms

  • Athapookalam competition
  • Christmas tree competition
  • Christmas cake competiton
  • Quiz competition
  • Essay writing
  • Poster making
  • Speech competition

Succession List of HoDs

  • Dept. Inception (1969)
  • Prof K Ibrahim Kutty(1969)
  • Prof K Ibrahim Kutty(1972-94)
  • Prof Razak Kunj(1994-98)
  • Prof R Rajan(1998-2008)
  • Prof T Sobhanakumary Amma(1998-2012)
  • Prof Sathish Soman(2012 till date)