Vision & Mission

The Department of Arabic started functioning at Milad E Sheriff Memorial College in 1972, right from the inception of the institution. The establishment of this department motivated students from marginalized classes, especially Muslims, to come forward in the society and to learn university level education. Arabic courses are designed to teach the language as an integral part of their life, and culture. By the systematic and well maintained academic atmosphere, the department has secured excellent performance in university examinations and the pass percentage range is from 75 to 100. From the year 2010, the annual degree program has been converted as first degree program in Arabic (FDP) under choice based credit and semester system. All these developmental activities stood as a reason behind the praiseworthy inflow of meritorious students. The department has thus played a crucial role in popularizing the college as a renowned educational institution before the academic community throughout India and abroad. Maintenance of excellent rapport between the teachers and the student community has resulted in the comprehensive realization of the academic and extra academic potentials of the department. Considering the increasing demand and social justice, Government of Kerala has sanctioned PG course in Arabic in 2013. The Department of Arabic Language and Literature looks forward to superiority and excellence. It also seeks to enhance the Arabic Language status through research contributions that would improve its students.

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature seeks

  • to provide a suitable educational environment, hold curricular and extracurricular activities and place research on its top priorities.
  • to make the reach of its academic activities available to all the sections of the society, especially the marginalized and the needy
  • to innovate the teaching-learning methods in tandem with the developments in the digital and information technology.
  • to implant human, patriotic and environmental values in students to make them social committed and deeply responsible citizens.

Programmes offered

  • B.A Arabic Language And Literature
  • M.A Arabic Language And Literature
  • Value Added Course: Communicative Skill In Arabic
  • Open Course: Introduction To Gulf Arabic
  • AESAP (Arabic And English Language Skill Acquisition Programme)


I-Academic Achievement Of The Department
2015- 2016
A) M.A. Arabic Language And Literature – Rasanath. J (Second Rank)
B) B.A. Arabic Language And Literature – Muhsina .S (Second Place In The University)

Winners In The University Youth Festival
1. Jaseem S.S – Mappilappatt 1st
2. Sahil J – Mappilappatt 11nd
3. Ashik.S – Arabic Recitation 1st
4. Ashik.S – Aksharaslokam 11nd

2016 -2017
I – Academic Acheivement Of The Department
Farhana Kamal won the UGC – JRF (while she is doing MA Arabic)

II – Winners In The University Youth Festival (Trivandrum-March 2017)
1. Ashik.S – Aksharaslokam – Ist
2. Ashik.S – Arabic Recitation – 1st
3. Ashik.S – Mappilapattu – 1st

Histohimaya (9,10,11 November 2017)
It is a campaign for the protection of Indian heritage and culture as a part of the International History Conference held on 9,10,11 Nevember 2017. The word ‘Histohimaya’ was derived from ‘histo’ (history) and ‘himaya’ (Protection-Arabic word) It means the protection of history from distorting and depriving.

* Creation Of Taj Mahal
The Department of Arabic created a model of Taj Mahal under the supervision of Mr. Zameer K.H, Assistant professor of Arabic with full support of the management. It gave a new experience for the visitors. The beautiful creation inaugurated by Prof. C. Raveendranath, honorable minister for education, in the presence of Adv. U. Prathibha, MLA, and distinguished dignitaries. It waved a new folio in the history of the department of Arabic. We believe that it will be understood that creation is better than destruction.

I-Golden Feather
During the Academic year 2018-19, the University of Kerala has recognized ‘Afsal Ulama Preliminary’ (two year course) of Calicut University as the eligible course for the private admission of BA Arabic of this university. Prior to that, there was no chance to the students to take admission in CBCSS Courses, particularly in BA Arabic in Kerala University. The Member, Academic Council and Head of the Dept., raised the issue and brought in front of the university authorities.

II-Winners In The Youth Festival
1. Jumna Fathima.V: Arabic Short Story Writing – IIIrd
2. Jumna Fathima.V: Arabic Poetry Writing – IIIrd

I-Academic Acheivement Of The Department
1. Jumna Fathima.V: MA Arabic – 1st – Topper In Kerala University
2. Ahmed Sinan: BA Arabic – 1st – Topper In Kerala University
3. Jasmin: BA Arabic 11nd – Topper In Kerala University

Flair Members
Two teachers (Dr. Asharafudeen. A & Mr. Anwar Hussain. a) have been selected by the Higher Education Department for FLAIR Induction Programme, held at EFLU Hyderabad

2019 – 2020
I – Academic Acheivements Of The Department
a) M.A. Arabic Languge And Literature: Riswana (Third Rank)
a) BA Arabic Languge And Literature: Muhammed Shabir (Third Rank)

Al-Milad (Annual Research Journal)
Al-Milad magazine was released in the National Seminar held at January 8, 2020. It was our full flourished and cherished ambition. The DLMC has decided to publish this annual research journal continually from this academic year onward, and to obtain the ISSN and recognition from the higher authority.

2020- 2021
1. Muhammed Uvais (First Rank of Kerala University)
2. Khadeeja Noora (Second Rank of Kerala University)

As per our cherishing and nourishing dream of the Department. Our honorable manager AL Haj P.A Hilal Babu inaugurated the ‘BOOK CHALLENGE’ programme. Through the said programme, we have collected different types of books from all walks of the society and enriched the Department Library. It was the beginning programme to upgrade the Department, as a Research Centre. We got thousands of books and PhD theses from the distinguished scholars, reputed research guides, parents, alumni students etc.


Name: Dr. A. Muhammed Thaha
Designation: Vice-Principal
Area of Specialization: Arabic Grammar

Name: Dr S Farook
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Contemporary Arab World

Name: Dr. Zameer K. H
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Environment and Its Representations in Arabic Literature

Name: Dr. Asharafudeen A
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Arabic Language and Literature , Modern & Contemporary Arabic Literature

Name: Anwar Hussain. A
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Modern Arabic Literature

Name: Dr. Shanil.A
Designation: Guest Faculty
Area of Specialization: Translation and Women Literature

Name: Ramshad Rahim
Designation: Guest Faculty
Area of Specialization: Quranic study

Name: Farhana Kamal
Designation: Guest Faculty
Area of Specialization: Arabic Language and Literature

Departmental Publications

1. Al Milad 2009
2. Translation and Communication By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha
3. Prakashavdhikal (reference book) By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha
4. Contemporary Significance of Ghazzalian Thoughts Edited By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha 2012 ISBN 97881921610013
5. Ghazzalis Thoughts In Educational Field By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha 2012 ISBN 9788192161006
6. Ganitha Sastratinte Adittara by Mylapoor Shawkathali Molavi 2016 ISBN 9788192161620
7. Mylapoor Shawkathali Molavi Silver Star In The Sky Of Literature 2017 – By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha 9788192161037
8. Contemporary Women Writers 2018 By Dr. Shanil & Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha ISBN 9788192161051
9. Literary Articles By Dr. Shanil 2017 ISBN 9788192161044
10. Imam Ghazzali Navodhana Nayakan 2011 edited by Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha ISBN 9788190389594
11. Three Flowers 2015& 2018 By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha
12. PK KUNJU SAHIB Special Issue edited By Dr. Zameer KH 2017
13. Krantha Darshiyaya P.K. Kunju Sahib 2018 By Dr.A.Muhammed Thaha

Spring of cultural & Literary
Publications Of Students, PG.Department Of Arabic,

  • Al Milad 2009
  • Adhiniveshathinte Erakal 2013
  • Suhruthu 2014
  • Al Milad 2009
  • Oarma Cheppu 2015
  • Manuscript Magazine 2015
  • Picture Magazine 2016
  • Poratta Pathrika 2017
  • Aspiration 2019
  • Kafila 2019
  • Al -Rabee 2020

Conferences organized

Seminar 2015- 2016
In connection with the Arabic Day Celebration Department of Arabic organized a seminar in order to make the students aware of the relevance of Arabic Language in the modern world. Dr Zubair Hudavi, the special officer of Department of Arabic MG university, delivered the key note address. Prof. Y.Abdul Salam, Prof. M. Jalaludeen Kunju and Prof. Abdullah Kutty, the former faculty members of the Department, participated in this programme and presented papers.

In connection with the Arabic Day Celebration, the Department of Arabic organized a seminar in order to make the students aware of the scope of Arabic Language. Dr. Shanil.A presented a paper on Importance of Arabic Language and Its Scope. Department of Arabic felicitated Farhana Kamal, the second year PG student for qualifying UGC-JRF.

Anti Fasicist Seminar

As a part of the anti-fascist protest, a seminar was organized named “Distance from Gowri to us” on 28/09/2017. The seminar was inaugurated by Al Haj P.A Hilal Babu, the honorable manager. Mr. P. Biju, Vice Chairman of Youth Welfare Board. made the keynote address. Mr. U. Shaiju, correspondent of Media One TV, Mr. G. Harikumar, press reporter from Deshabhimani participated in the seminar.

Opportunities Of Arabic Language In Modern World
A seminar was conducted on 11/10/2018 on Opportunities Of Arabic Language In Modern World . The programme was inaugurated by Dr. A. Muhammed Thaha Head of the Dept . Mr. Hussain Choonad, the official translator of the honorable Qatar Supreme Court and former student of the Department, delivered an informative speech in the subject. Dr.S.Farook made the welcome speech. The faculty members actively participated in the programme. There was an interactive session that was most useful to students Miss Noora Khadeeja delivered the vote of thanks.

National Seminar
The Department of Arabic has conducted a national seminar on 07 January 2010. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. K. Muhammed Basheer the former VC of Calicut University. The Seminar has discussed different subjects such as the Translation of Arabic Novels in the last ten years, Arabic Language in Kerala: History and Development, Arabic language in outer net age and Arabic studies in southern India.

Inter national webinar; International Webinar held by the initiatives of the department at 12.08. 2021 on the title “An Exploration of Arabic Literature on Resistance and Exile” in which more than 150 people all over the world participated.

Resource Persons
1. Dr. Abdelhak Belabed, Associate Professor, Arabic Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University & Member of Qatari Forum for Authors, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar.

2. Dr. Hussain Manasarch, Critic, Academic and Member of the Board of Directors, Union of Arab Academics and Scholars, State of Palestine.

3. Dr. Hana Shabayki, Lecturer at Prince Abdel Kader University of Islamic Sciences, Constantine, Algeria.

4. Dr. Mohamed Mounir Al-Zaman,Associate Professor, Department of Arabic, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh.

5. Dr. Hani Mahalli Schha, Professor, Department of Arabic Literature, Malang State University, Indonesia.

6. Mr. Anas Malmus, Research Department, University of Moulay Ismail, Meknes, Kingdom of Morocco.

Moderator: Dr. Muhammed Abid UP, Assistant Professor and Research Supervisor, Farook College, Kerala, India

Conferences organized

  • Translation works from Arabic to English and vice versa
  • Document preparation for India and abroad
  • Publications
  • Awareness classes
  • Training programmes

Extracurricular platforms

The spring is the name of Arabic Association that is formed for the students of Arabic Department in order to bring out the instinct artistic and literary abilities. Every year it conducts several programmers related to Arabic Language and Literature in our Department for uplifting them in all means. 2015 is very important year for the Spring, because of the initial activities stated for including the Literary and Arts Items both in Arabic and Sanskrit in youth festivals of the Kerala University. Spring submitted a representation on 10/12/2015 to the honorable VC of Kerala University and the Member of Academic Council from our College and hence the university took the decision to include literary items such as Arabic Recitation, Short story writing, Poetry writing, Aksharaslokam, Arabic elocution, Defmutt and Kolkali (Order NO Ad .1.1KUYF/2015 dated 18/01/2016.)

Clickz & Strokes 2
“Clickz & strokes 2” is a painting and photography exhibition conducted by Jasmine Grooves in association with the Department of Arabic, MSM College, on 23,24,25,26 February 2017. It was inaugurated by the Television Artist, Ullas Pandalam. It is a completely cost- free dais for the participants as well as the viewers. It was a successful event.

Succession List of HoDs

1. Prof. M.K. Kunhi Mammoo (1972 to 2004)
2. Prof. M. Jalaluddeen Kunju ( 2004 to 2007)
3. Prof. Y. Abu Salam (2007 to 2010)
4. Prof. A . Naseera (2010 to 2013)
5. Dr. A. Muhammed Thaha (2013 – )