Report on Alumni Contributions to The Department of Chemistry (2018-2023)


The Department of Chemistry has experienced significant support and contributions from its dedicated alumni during the years 2018-2023. This report highlights various initiatives and generous contributions made by alumni, showcasing their commitment to the department’s growth and development.

1. Dr. Beno P Kurien's Workshop (8/8/2018):

Dr. Beno P Kurien, Director of Education & Training at GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS and an alumnus of the 1997-2000 batch, conducted a highly beneficial One Day Workshop on Effective Learning Styles and Strategies on August 8, 2018. This workshop aimed to enhance the learning experience for students of the Department of Chemistry.

2. Book Donations (17/8/2019):

On August 17, 2019, the 1997-2000 batch students collectively contributed 15 books on Inorganic Chemistry and 15 books on Organic Chemistry to the department. This valuable contribution enriches the department’s library resources and supports the academic endeavors of current students.

3. Financial Support during Lockdown:

During the lockdown period, the same batch of students demonstrated immense compassion by contributing four mobile phones to financially backward students. This thoughtful gesture helped students continue their studies amidst the challenges posed by the lockdown.

4. Equipment Contributions:

Rajesh, also from the 1997-2000 batch, generously contributed a TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) analyser to the department, further enhancing the laboratory facilities and research capabilities.

5. Lab Apparatus Donations by Dr. Sadasivan:

Dr. Sadasivan, a retired Professor in Chemistry from University College, Thiruvannathapuram, and an esteemed alumnus, donated valuable lab apparatuses to the department. This donation contributes to the hands-on learning experience for current students.

6. Alumni Association Initiatives:

The Alumni Association of the Department of Chemistry actively engaged in various activities, including hosting quiz competitions, sponsoring events related to the celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table (Magnus 2019), organizing alumni get-togethers with retired staff, and distributing memorial awards in memory of former professors P. Madhusudanan and Muhammed Musthafa to high-achieving students in university examinations.