Our Vision

Milad-E- Sherief Memorial College is founded with a vision of playing the key role in centering the socially peripheralised through enlightenment. In consonance with the vision of the founder, this shrine of letters looks forward to the heydays of a classless society.

Our Mission

The inscription “read in the name of thy lord who created” on the emblem of the college proclaims its divine mission to lead everyone to the radiance of knowledge.The programmes launched by the institution as part of this mission, generally focuses on

  •  Academic excellence of Global dimension.
  • Value based personality development.
  • Training for leadership, and soft skill development.
  • Healthy temperament and gender justice.
  • Fostering communal harmony.
  • Identification of opportunities.

This is a relentless task exacting the most out of the socially inclined. Hence the college provides the proper niche for the wizards of wisdom, the maestros of arts and the talented teachers in addition to its being a launching pad for students. The management is devoted to provide the students with facilities for academic, professional and personal progression.