Faculty in Physics

Name of the Faculty
Mobile No:
Dr. S. JayakumarM.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D (H.O.D)Associate Professor9447455445
Dr. S. BhadrakumariM.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed, PhDAssociate Professor9446528930
Dr. D. SushamaM.Sc., M.Phil, PhDAssociate Professor9447742424
Sri. Anil Kumar K.MM.Sc. (On FIP)Assistant Professor9895084712
Smt. Jyothi. GM.Sc. (On FIP)Assistant Professor9446118259
Ms. Rejeena. LM.Sc.Assistant Professor8547036956
Ms. Anjana RM.Sc., MPhilAssistant Professor9744024845